Samsonite was established in 1910 with the vision of leading the way in global travel solutions. Over the intertwining years, developing a reputation for breakthrough research, development, and innovation to deliver the finest range of luggage for sophisticated travellers.

This includes the adoption of the revolutionary Curv® material, which has since changed the landscape for lightweight, yet strong, luggage since its inception. While all Samsonite products undergo a battery of strength and durability tests to ensure they will last as long as your travels do.

The Samsonite brand is geared towards all manner of traveller; travel, business, kids, casual and personal accessories. With a range of products, including rolling and spinner luggage, laptop bags, backpacks, and travel accessories designed to deliver style, quality, and reliability.

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Our Curv Technology

STRONG & LIGHT thanks to CURV technology

Our Curv Technology

STRONG & LIGHT thanks to CURV technology

Revolutionary CURV® Material
Samsonite is proud of our products; Lite-Locked, Cosmolite, Firelite are made with the revolutionary Curv® material, (produced by Propex in Germany) and is exclusively used by Samsonite on luggage. The shell is formed by heating and compressing different layers of woven polypropylene, we compose very qualitative self-reinforced CURV sheets, also known as self-reinforced composite sheets. These CURV sheets are known for their high energy absorption, outstanding impact performance, especially at low temperatures. That’s why CURV is also used in ice hockey shoes, skin guard protection, automotive under shields, anti-ballistic body armor etc.

Samsonite CURV® patented production process

  • Shell forming process patented by Samsonite
  • Self-reinforced design – spine shaped ridges
  • More strength with less material
  • Extra light, extra strong
  • By using the revolutionary CURV material in our product, we offer a real superior technology in order to withstand the rough baggage handling during many trips. Also at low temperatures.