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Pack smartly

Before you get to the actual packing, study your itinerary and make a checklist of all the essential items that your family will need during the trip. This includes weather or activity appropriate clothing like jackets and swimsuits, and general necessities such as medication and toiletries. You can also get the kids involved by letting them choose a few items to bring along like a plushie or blanket. This ensures that they have everything they need and helps them feel more invested in the trip.

Bring snacks
and entertainment

Hunger and boredom are two surefire ways to set children off and, unfortunately, both are hard to avoid when you’re waiting for hours at airports or taking long flights. To stave off any ‘hangry-ness’, snacks are a necessity. A good rule of thumb is to pack a variety. Have a mix of candy or chocolate for small treats and more substantial options like buns and nuts to fill their tummies. To keep them entertained and occupied, bring along a variety of coloring books, toys or devices loaded with age-appropriate games or movies. Travel-sized board or card games are also a great way for the whole family to pass time while having fun.

Stay organized
and mobile

Choosing the right luggage combination is also crucial for a happy journey. Since you’ll be packing more heavily, you’ll want a high quality and lightweight luggage case with features like interior pockets and packing cubes to make organization easier. Anti-theft safeguards are also worth considering for extra peace of mind. One feature we highly recommend is smooth-rolling wheels which are absolutely essential for getting through crowded airports and train stations with your kids in tow. On top of your main luggage case, backpacks or travel bags are also important. These will help you stay mobile while keeping essential items like medication or snacks for the kids easily accessible when you need them, such as in plane cabins or while sightseeing. You’ll also want to look for water-resistant options just in case bad weather strikes.

Traveling as a family is an amazing way to connect and bond. We hope these simple tips will help make your trips even more memorable and stress-free. If you’re planning a holiday soon, we have a wide range of small, medium and large luggage bags and everyday backpacks that you can shop online now.