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Global First Launch: Revolutionary All-in-One Smart Luggage

In 2019, Samsonite breaks the boundaries of suitcase, by launching an updated version of EVOA to the world – EVOA TECH. Inheriting the impressive features – AERO-TRAC™ suspension wheels of EVOA, the newest line also has new revolutionary features: fingerprint lock, built-in weighing scale, Bluetooth proximity tracking system and USB port, delighting travellers’ journey in a whole different way.

[1] Fingerprint TSA combination lock
EVOA TECH integrates TSA dial lock, fingerprint lock and USB port in a small panel. The fingerprint lock can record up to 10 fingerprints, only the first recorded fingerprint can operate to delete all fingerprint records. Your luggage can be secured with a few simple steps under this user-friendly system. Also, it comes with an inner pocket with a USB port on top, for portable charging.

[2] Global Exclusive Launch of Panasonic Seekit™ Bluetooth Tracker
The newest line comes with a Samsonite x Panasonic Bluetooth tracking device Seekit™, the pocket sized device is exclusively launched together with EVOA TECH. Panasonic enjoys a proven track record as a trusted brand of smart products, it advances Seekit™ with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, allows stable and efficient connection in further distance.The device is operated by mobile application Seekit™ by Panasonic, which can detect proximity location of your luggage in 30 meters. Alert will be given each time the device is over 30 meters away from your mobile. The non-replaceable built-in battery of device has 12-18 months lifespan.

[3] Integrated weighing scale carry handle
The integrated weighing scale side carry handle helps to avoid overweighing luggage. Users can measure luggage weight with the built-in device, simply press the switch on button, lift up the side carry handle and put down, weight of luggage will be indicated in the digital screen.

[4] Aero-Trac™ suspension wheel system
EVOA is all about merging aesthetics with superior convenience. To achieve this, it features the AERO-TRAC™ Suspension Wheels with a specially fitted spring that absorbs shock and vibration, enabling smooth and comfortable rolling for travellers to move around in complete peace of mind.

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